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Congratulations, the baby has arrived! It's amazing, but you're tired and a bit overwhelmed. Suddenly it's all about the baby and how beautiful and perfect they are.

You're sore and it feels like a truck drove over you. So much is going on that you can barely look after yourself.

There's a reality to the divinity of being a mum. It's exhausting, even in a straightforward situation, never mind if you had a complicated pregnancy and birth or if you are having a hard time trying to breastfeed. Hormones, baby blues, guilt if you aren't performing as society says.

You are vulnerable, exhausted, and fragile. This is normal, and all you need is support and TLC on those first few days at home. I can be there for you, for a night or a few. This is personally tailored to your needs.

I can be there from 10 pm to 7 am to help you get some much-needed sleep. I will support your feeding choice and help with baby care.

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